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We are a search engine optimization firm that was established in 2005 and since then our goals have been simple, servicing our clients. You're looking for an affordable Long Island SEO Company that will develop a strategy to market your products & services online. There used to be many methods of advertising & marketing a business, these days those methods are numbered. Having a website online & optimized for keywords & phrases in your niche is essential for all companies. Now, because of this rush to have your website optimized it seems that everyone claims to be a a web designer or an online SEO marketing agency. Let Benjamin Marc answer all your questions and concerns before starting an internet marketing campaign.

Who is Benjamin Marc?

Benjamin Marc is a full service web, logo design and internet marketing firm that prides themselves on customer satisfaction. We eat, breath, and sleep website development & sem. If you have any questions or concerns, we also offer seo consulting & training.

We love meeting all of our clients. We can either meet at your business location or clients are always welcome to come to our office. For the overly busy entrepreneur out there phone consultations may also be accommodated.

Why should you choose Benjamin Marc?

We used to get asked this a lot, and anyone answering this question will try to squirm to find the best answer to impress, but we like to let our results speak for themselves. Proven track record, customer service, returning phone calls and emails, having work done in a timely fashion provides a great working relationship with our clients.

What is the difference between local keywords vs. national keywords? Local keywords have a location attached to the phrase such as: "Long Island Search Engine Optimization", "Freelance SEO Firm in Suffolk County" and national keywords focus more on just the search term such as: "SEM" or " Search Engine Marketing ". The difference is adding the name of your location before or behind the keyword such as Nassau County.

SEO Pricing & the benefits of search engine optimization? This is a monthly cost and it ranges based on the amount of keywords and the coverage areas. We suggest 3 key phrases per page. There are many benefits of search engine marketing; the most important one is to GET MORE CUSTOMERS. Second is to brand your business, leaving a footprint on the internet about your services is not only great way to saturate but it shows your potential clients that you are an ever changing and growing entity. Optimizing and submitting your website on Local Maps is very important. If you own a local business and want more customers to find your business then maps if for you.
How do we get started?

Call 800-986-9529

Frequently Asked Questions Ready to get Started?

This Says It All

Interested in logo design? Here's some of our latest designs:

How long does it take for the website to rank?
Ranking on major search engines for local SEO, using keywords + a location like Suffolk or Nassau County may take between one to three months depending on certain variables.  The variables to consider include the amount of competition in your industry and geographical location, in addition to the type of campaign you wish to pursue. 

We often hear client stories relating to past bad experiences with other companies; we can assure you that once you are a client of Benjamin Marc's you are top priority. We are also aware that many search engine optimization businesses in NY to choose from but Benjamin Marc is fully upfront and honest with every client from the beginning. If you have a question or concern that wasnt addressed, please call us or email us anytime to talk. Long Island & New York City 800.986.9520. We also service Brooklyn, Queens & The Bronx as well.

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