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Logo’s, company names and products names can all be trademarked but your domain name or URL is a different story. Registering your domain name is one of the most important acts that a company can do in this digital age but many companies are not aware of this. Not understanding this can lead to headaches and legal problems that can cost your company to of its most valuable commodities, time and money.

Being in the computer industry we hear hundreds of nightmare stories from clients that had bad experiences with other web design companies. We pride ourselves in making sure that we are not in that statistic. One of the most common complaints we hear from clients are: "I hired a web designer to build my website and he bought a domain name for me and never completed the website and will not give me my domain name". This makes us sick and it should be illegal. To keep our clients trust we are a certified reseller from This means that Godaddy allows us to sell their products and services, so you can buy your domain name on your own through us.

If you’re not computer savvy one of our representative can gladly walk you through the process, it does not take more than 5 minutes. Best of all, when the process is completed you will own your own domain name. Additionally, other products we offer that help you to manage the back office aspect of your digital presence url's, website hosting, SSL certificates, shopping carts systems and more. Ask your representative about these when registering your domain name. At Benjamin Marc, we want to help you build your web presence and be confident that when all is said and done you own every aspect of your web presence.



  • The term intellectual property is being used more and more these days to ensure that what a company creates, what adds value to their offerings or, more importantly, what defines their company is protected.