If you have a service or product to sell then you are at the right place. Probably you are tired of promoting without results or you are interested in increasing your sales. NYC email marketing company, Benjamin Marc offers a unique email blasting campaign in the market. With our approach and resources you will never be accused of spamming. We have a system that is proven and easy to use. We have the best solution to your business. Our solution is to have a targeted email that is direct and powerful method to carry out marketing online.

Email marketing is a direct advertising method that uses electronic mail and directed to a given demographic group to drive traffic to your web design. The campaigns may be tracked by capturing the open and click rates and rate how your campaign is performing. The list you should use in email marketing should be opt-in mail list. As far as we are concerned we have the best email marketing program that is faster, cheaper and cost effective than most of the email marketing programs out there.

You have the liberty to use our system each and every day to reach thousands of prospects who are targeted to receive many business offers just like yours. Most of the email marketing companies charge highly for each blast. New York City email blasting company, Benjamin Marc has designed our program to be affordable without comprising its quality. We will provide you with the detailed instructions on the best methods you will use to design and send out your ads.

At Benjamin Marc we have designed our programs to enable you make a mark in the business world. It is one of our effective marketing strategies that will take your business to the next level; the profitable level. Our email marketing program offers the following features:



  • Email Marketing gives you the opportunity to introduce your services or brand to the next business level. It is an opportunity to inform your target audience.
  • We have designed our program to be equally same as viral marketing at its best. You can be assured of leads.