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Benjamin Marc Billboard Ad

The sheer size of the physical ad, along with their central locations enables these types of ads to reach millions of potential consumers, each and every day. However, positioned alongside roads, there is also a great obstacle regarding the limited amount of time travelers will actually see them. With a mere handful of seconds to throw your best punch, catch the attention of potential consumers, and send your message, billboard advertisements must be carefully and strategically planned. That is why it is vitally important to seek the help of professionals or a specialty company, such as Benjamin Marc, to ensure your ad is not only effective, but powerful.

We specialize in billboard design and marketing in New York City, making sure your ad stop people in their tracks. Our extraordinary team of graphic design and marketing specialists are experts in designing and developing one-of-a-kind, custom advertisements, which are guaranteed to turn heads. Our team will work with you to develop your vision or create one from scratch, while our marketing specialists will generate a strong message, slogan, and textual content, which will have an immense, unforgettable impact on viewers. Our ultimate goal is to do everything in our power to create masterpieces in the form of advertisements, to heighten awareness and increase sales for our customers. When you trust Benjamin Marc, we guarantee you an end-product that is truly unique and is a flawless symbolic representation of everything you, your company, or brand stands for. It will command attention and leave viewers with a lasting impression, whether it be consciously or subliminally.



  • Having a business in Manhattan, Billboard advertisements are an unbelievably effective method of advertising.
  • At Benjamin Marc, we understand how critically important every aspect of your advertisement is, from colors, graphics, and layout, to the words, information, and overall message.