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  • Not only did Benjamin Marc create the graphic for Wantagh’s favorite deli & café, LI Eats but we also designed & printed business cards, menus and more.
  • NYC logo designers, Benjamin Marc has recently designed a logo for clothing company in Miami, Kiwi Kimono, we used a feather as a main graphic and the colors black and turquoise.
  • How long does the process take? The turn around time for can take up to 7-10 business days for a first proof, we do accomadate rush designs if a client needs it for a deadline.
  • How many colors can you have in it? You can have as many colors as you want but we suggest only having 3 or 4 colors at the most. We suggest this because if you are going to have printing on clothing with a lot of colors can get expensive.
  • Does the customer own it? Absolutely! Once it is approved & paid for, New York logo design agency, Benjamin Marc will send you the design in any format you would like it in.
  • Hiring a NYC logo design company can be a daunting process. Your trusting the branding company will have your best interest in mind when creating the most important part of your business.

New York City Logo Designer

Being a NYC logo design company the competition is intense, our logos & graphic must be creative, intuitive and extremely unique. The logo or brand is one of the most powerful entities in marketing and advertising. It is the first and single feature a consumer sees, which means it is meant to reflect everything the business, brand, company, encompasses, representing everything it stands for. It is and then remains the single item which consumers immediately associate with, therefore like a billboard in NYC it must convey a message that speaks of a solid reputation, portrays true professionalism, sparks curiosity, demands attention, commands respect, advocates uniqueness, and more. For such a small component, the logo is intensely critical. Manhattan Logo Design agency, Benjamin Marc is your source for all your branding needs.

Produce Logo Design
Kiwi Kimono
Beauty is a Beast Fitness

Here are some questions that we will need.

Company name, Type of Company, Target Audience, Any Slogan, 3-5 colors you would like in your design, any brand that you like, budget? Please provide us a turnaround time ,What formats would you like once the logo it is complete. Benjamin Marc are full service New York City logo designers servicing all of Manhattan with everything from company branding, corporate emblems and more..

Why use us over other logo design companies in New York?

Benjamin Marc’s specialty services are second to none as we are not only a local graphic design company, in the form of graphic and website design, but we also specialize in marketing. Our graphic design are not only experts in the field and in their art, but they are both skilled and knowledgeable about the world of marketing and how images affect consumers. Their passion for their art, as well as each piece, further drives our designers to create unique professional designs that he/she is proud to call their own. Additionally, we have been privileged to design and market for hundreds of companies, in numerous fields, providing an endless array of services, and for the smallest, independent businesses, as well as large, prestigious corporation. Our experience is paramount to all others in the field. As the first and lasting impression, the item which has been proven to play a significant role in the success or demise of a company, business, brand, etc, the logo actually appears to be the most simple of items. A logo is an image, graphic, or other such visual entities which are meant symbolize and reflect everything a business, brand, or service entails. However simple or boring it may seem, an effective logo is actually designed according to the laws of balance. There lies a fine line between creativity and uniqueness with that which is simple, boring, and mundane. In fact, the process of designing a logo actually unifies psychology, art, and marketing, in perfect harmony.

What Can Benjamin Marc Do for You?

Benjamin Marc’s elite staff of designers can work with you to create something that will not just effectively symbolize everything you/your business stands for, but one that is sells for you, because it is so unique and captivating. Our designers will work with you, each step of the way, until your dreams and visions have come to fruition. In fact, we encourage our clients to voice his/her opinions, whether it is an intricate and detailed vision or one that lacks all by the way of creativity. Our designers are so talented that many companies come to us to help revamp there image; in other words, giving their image a facelift because it wasn’t done right the first time. We will walk you through each part of the process, allowing you to pick and choose what you would like, but providing guidance as necessary.

AW & Sons Kitchen HVAC Cleaning
Akropolis Greek Restaurant
All County
Back Bay Botanicals
Bull Moose Strength and Nutrition
Bumper Surgeon
Buono Fence
Buono Fence
Imago Dei
Reclaim recovery group
Vitality Center
Letters For Crafts
Training Gear
Koeppel Katz
CJ Food Factory
Lucky 7 Signature
Juice Head Quarters
Rock Top
Stragegic Focus
Sugar Rush
C And R Consultants
Millie Cookies
Color Bright Painting
DKM Insurance
Northeast Hot Rods
Journey Martial Arts
King Kongcrete
Pride Athletic Wear
Hush Hush
Lucky 7



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