This is so because it increases business opportunities greatly. Benjamin Marc mobile website design company offers a range of services and products that help businesses to take advantage of the new and innovative medium to get your businesses Social & Visual. In this way your company can adapt and grow with new era of internet marketing.

The experience realized when using the phones is not the same like when browsing using a laptop, notebook or desktop. Nowadays, there is a huge increase of phone users who access the internet using phones. Therefore, this necessitates website owners to make a responsive version of their website. At Benjamin Marc we provide high-quality services that can help you targeted audience that can be widely scattered. This version of your website design can be:

  • Easily accessed on browsers such as Android, iPhone, Blackberry and more.
  • Can be accessed in different browser dimensions that can range from the smaller screens to more powerful and popular screens.
  • Can be used your information dissemination platform for the internet users accessing your site from phones.
  • Can be programmed to collect information from the existing databases.
  • Customers can easily reach you on the go.
  • There are no inconvenient downloads needed by the customers.
  • No need for multiple development platforms.
  • Easy to manage and update.

It is important to note that ma mobile web design offers an optimized view of the existing brand and website so as to maximize browsing experience of the customers. After detecting the device, which is being used, we design a mobile layout that has condensed layout in a format that loads faster on the mobile network connections and is legible.

Your website can remain unchanged and the service is an affordable way of improving the online marketing activity. Mobile browsing is a growing trend and this is the time to improve your web presence.

Here are some of our Clients:



  • Phone usage as become the norm nowadays, especially living in New York City or Manhattan where everyone is on the go.
  • Many times web design are difficult in navigation or are jumbled up when accessed on phones or tablets.