At Benjamin Marc our video marketing services offer companies with promotion and optimization also known as VSEO. Companies utilizing videos are able to communicate a message to viewers. The multiple levels include text, spoken word, text and at the same time reaching the targeted audience in a cost effective way and in shortest period of time.

The New York City, Benjamin Marc production team can help to optimize it that is based on a targeted keyword phrase and therefore achieve stronger results. We assist in creating graphics, script, images and any other based item that is based on the digital content provided.

Our production/marketing team can also optimize an already produced video making it to have everything it needs in order to reach top of the reputable search engine results. Also provided with optimization is free professional voice-over talent and royalty free background music. We can also distribute your it too popular video sites that include YouTube and Metacafe.

Benjamin Marc notes that there are many benefits that can be accrued from utilizing it in online marketing strategies. Our team has successfully optimized them and they have been ranked on the first pages on Google on given keyword phrases. We understand that Google loves engaging and fresh content and this is a perfect way of getting your message to your online audience. Other benefits associated include:

  • Easy consumption
  • Emotions are engaged
  • Affirms branding and credibility and demonstrates expertise
  • Easy re-purposing of content is allowed

How do we get started?

Whether you live in NYC or Manhattan we can meet to consult with you regarding your project and marketing needs and then offer suggestions on ways of expanding and improving the marketing campaign. We also suggest ways in which you can use the video search results to advertise your business on the internet and when it is appropriate. It is important to note that video production and marketing is not an easy process for everyone. Our customer satisfaction reveals why you need to hire a reliable, knowledgeable and professional company: large customer database, great earnings, and high search results.

Here are a couple of our clients:

Benjamin Marc Reel

Splendor Landscaping

Abstract Mechanical

Dr. Ira Koeppel



  • A video is on of the powerful ways of demonstrating instructions or presenting emotional content.
  • It is important to note that it can show up on the search results and therefore you can gain many website visitors when you dominate the natural search results of your market.