QR codes

It is widely used because of its readability and its large storage capacity unlike the standard UPC barcodes. We design high quality QR Codes that are popular in the packaging of products and consumer advertising. With the invention of Smartphone, the use of these codes has revolutionized the advertising sector. This is so because it offers effortless and quick access to the brand's website.


If you are running a business and you are after advertising campaigns, then you shift your focus to the QR Codes. The importance of these codes is that they increase the chance of turning an advertisement into a sale. It does so by coaxing the qualified prospects to a conversion funnel without any effort or delay. It also brings a viewer to the target website instantly. Then you may continue with more and longer targeted sales pitch.

Range of Applications

Initially these codes were used in the automotive industry and were invented in Japan. Nowadays, they have found a wide range of applications including, entertainment, commercial tracking, transport ticketing, and product marketing. A good example is where mobile couponing, where a percent discounted may be captured by the use QR Code decoder which is just a mobile app. It can also store company information including addresses and related information that can be found in different directories. It is important to note that QR Codes which store addresses may be used on signs, magazines, buses or even business cards. They can also be used on any other object that requires information. The image of a QR Code can be scanned to display contact information, text, open a web page. This is a technique known as object hyper linking. These codes can also be linked to a given location. An application can be used to scan the QR Code and therefore retrieve the required information. If it is geo information, it can be obtained by the URL encoded or even the GPS. It is important to note that the use of these codes is free of any license. You can comfortably use them to increase traffic to your website and increase your sales.



  • At Benjamin Marc we are the leading designers of the QR Codes in the Long Island and Nassau Counties of New York. QR Code is also known as Quick Response Code which was first designed and used in the automotive industry.
  • The QR codes offer convenience to a consumer and also increase the conversion rates.